Legislation prevents the wholesale printing or Internet posting of names of those holding a Tennessee handgun permit


Nashville, Tenn. – Legislation to prevent the publication of handgun carry permit holders in the news media or on the Internet will now go to the governor for his signature after final passage in the State Senate on Wednesday.  Senate Bill 108 allows for the media to inquire and the Safety Department to confirm whether someone who had run afoul of the law was a permit holder but only upon providing a legal document or other record that “indicates the that person is not eligible to possess a handgun carry permit.” The bill also provides for exceptions in cases where law enforcement may have to visit a home or when a court order allows viewing.


“This bill protects both the handgun permit carriers and the non-handgun permit carriers,” said Senator Ferrell Haile (R-Gallatin), sponsor of the bill.  “It prevents criminals looking for guns to steal from having a mapped list of permit holders with names and addresses.  At the same time, it prevents criminals from identifying non-permit holders and knowing that a specific home perhaps that home has no protection.”


The companion bill was approved 84-10 in the House of Representatives last month.