Child rapists should be sentenced to death. That’s why I backed this Tennessee Senate bill

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On April 9, Senate Bill 1834 passed 24-5 on the Senate floor allowing the death penalty in child rape convictions. In an effort to challenge the 2008 Supreme Court ruling, I sponsored this legislation with my friend, and Senate Republican Caucus Chairman, Ken Yager, R-Kingston, and wholeheartedly believe that Tennessee got it right. By permitting this severe punishment, we are sending a … Read More

Tennessee GOP Moves To Protect Children From Sexualized Drag Queen Events


Republicans in Tennessee have introduced legislation aimed at protecting children from sexualized drag queen events. Tennessee’s Republican Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson last Wednesday introduced Senate Bill 3, which would make it an offense for “adult cabaret performers” to hold shows on public property or at any location where it could be viewed by minors. The bill defines these performances … Read More

Tennessee bill would criminalize drag shows


The election may be over, but Republican senators are wasting no time drafting up new bills for the upcoming session. This time, there’s a bill that’s targeting a chunk of our Tennessee population – the LGBTQ community, and any public shows. This comes just over a month after a drag show was canceled at the Museum of Science and History … Read More

Legislation filed to criminalize public drag performances in Tennessee


New legislation filed by a state senator regarding the LGBTQ+ community is looking to criminalize drag performances in public settings. The bill groups drag performers with other adult cabaret performers, such as exotic dancers, topless dancers, or strippers and would make it a misdemeanor for first offense and felony on the second offense for participating in such behavior. Sen. Jack … Read More

Tennessee GOP files bill to ban drag performances in public spaces


Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson, a Republican, has introduced legislation to prohibit drag entertainers from performing on public property or at private functions where their performance may be viewed by a minor. Johnson’s bill would amend a state law preventing adult-oriented businesses like strip clubs from operating within 1,000 feet of schools, public parks or places of worship to … Read More

Tennessee bill could criminalize some drag show performances


One of the first pieces of legislation filed for the upcoming 113th Tennessee General Assembly could criminalize some drag show performances. Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, is sponsoring the legislation, SB03, which aims to block “adult cabaret performances” on public property or in a place where they could be viewed by a child. The legislation defines adult cabaret to … Read More

Proposed bill would limit gender treatment for children in Tennessee


Two Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have filed a new bill that aims to limit gender transition treatment available for children. On Wednesday, Tennessee Majority Leaders William Lamberth and Jack Johnson introduced the Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act which aims to provide the nation’s strongest protections against the removal of a child’s body parts. The bill, also known as House … Read More

Tennessee House Bill Would Hold Doctors Civilly Liable for Transgender Surgeries


A bill introduced in the Tennessee House of Representatives would allow doctors to be held liable in civil court for completing transgender surgeries on minors. “The legislature determines that medical procedures that alter a minor’s hormonal balance, remove a minor’s sex organs, or otherwise change a minor’s physical appearance are harmful to a minor when these medical procedures are performed … Read More

Tennessee Bill To Limit “Gender Mutilation” Introduced By Republican Lawmakers


A new Public Health bill that has been drafted by two Republican lawmakers aims to ban gender transition procedures on children. The “Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act” prohibits any medical treatment that “alters a child’s hormonal balance” and procedures “that remove their organs to enable the minor to identify as a gender different from their biological sex.” If the … Read More